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Matt Stone is a world-class Elvis Tribute Artist from South Florida. In 2022, he was named by Graceland as one of the Top Elvis Tribute Artist on the planet!


Matt brings an unseen

level of authenticity and attention to detail to his craft, matched with unbridled vocal power and captivating charisma!


Unlike many other tribute artists on the market, Matt Stone portrays the King in his prime: young, agile, and full of energy... the way he should be remembered!


Elvis’s Friends & Family have said:

“When I heard [Matt]… now if I close my eyes that’s Elvis. It touched my heart. The only person I ever heard sing like that was my brother, and [Matt] was real close—SCARY— that’s how close it was.”

Billy Stanley (Elvis' Step Brother)


“Matt is incredibly gifted & handsome, with incredible energy and sex appeal.”

Joyce Bova (Longtime Elvis Girlfriend)


Matt has even been heard

on SiriusXM's ELVIS RADIO!


Because of his years of research and intense analysis of the small details that truly bring the King to life, and an all-star band featuring an authentic “ELVIS” backline of instruments and gear, “Elvis: In Person” presents the closest thing to the King any fan has seen since 1977!

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